(2) NEW Jenbacher Model JMS 612
Co-gen Natural Gas Generator
1.79 MW Continuous Each (1.438 MW ea. @ 50 Hz)
3.58 MW Total
(Based on a LHV gas of 8684 BTU/scft)
Thermal output is 6598 MBTU/hr
Electrical Efficiency @ full load = 41.5%
Thermal efficiency is 44,8%
60 Hertz
480 Volt
1500 RPM Engine w/ Gear Box
Year of Manufacture 2006
0- Hour
These units are over one year old and are in storage, never having been used and are excess capacity to a project that has been
resized in the interim of the long ordering cycle.

In all likelihood, GE will not honor a transfer of the warranty to the buyer buyers.  Warranty from GE Jenbacher is normally 12
months from commissioning or 24 months from factory shipment - whichever the earlier period.  But it is our understanding that
warranty can be extended and supplied by GE via the owner for an approximate additional $14,000 USD per unit.

The JMS engine configuration designates the Co Gen capability of the unit and  further includes  the capability of dual fuel
(propane) equipment to be additionally installed for a genuine non interruptible power supply.
Continuous brake horsepower            = 2509
Electrical Output                                 = 1790 KWel
Total Recovery Thermal Output         = 6598 MBTU/hr
Jenbacher are engineered to have the most hours between overhauls of any competitive engine  
Jenbacher Official Output definitions
•        ISO-ICFN continuous rated power:
Net break power that the engine manufacturer declares an engine is capable of delivering continuously, at stated speed, between
the normal maintenance intervals and overhauls as required by the manufacturer. Power determined under the operating
conditions of the manufacturer’s test bench and adjusted to the standard reference conditions.
•        Standard reference conditions:
Barometric pressure:                       14.5 psi (1000 mbar) or 328 ft (100 m) above sea level
Air temperature:                               77°F (25°C) or 298 K
Relative humidity:                            30 %

•        Volume values at standard conditions (fuel gas, combustion air, exhaust gas)
Pressure:                                        1 atmosphere (1013.25 mbar)
Temperature:                                   60°F (15.56°C)

Output adjustment for turbo charged engines
For plants installed at >1640.5 ft (500 m) above see level and/or intake temperature > 86 °F (30 °C) the reduction of engine power
is determined for each project.

Equipment includes:
2 x GE Jenbacher twelve cylinder engines vee  
Turbo charged and intercooled
Model JMS 612 GS - E12
Four stroke engine
1500 rpm
Natural gas engines
With a continuous full load output of 2509 bhp and 1790kW.el
based on a LHV gas of 8684 BTU/scft (propane 2500 BTU/scft.).
Thermal output is 6598 MBTU/hr
Elect. efficiency at full load is 41.5%
Thermal efficiency is 44,8%
Gearbox between engine and generator:
Eichoff ANO-0901.12:1 gear speed increaser
Stamford LVSI 804  R2 alternator rated for 2,750kVA @1800 rpm 480 volt  60Hz.
Engine emission values:
NOx  <250 mg/Nm cubed  (5% O2)

Engine base plate and alternator/gear base frames are included together with :-
CoGen hot water  and exhaust gas recovery system engine connections and extension tank
Control panel with  Dia.ne electronic engine management system
Monic - monitoring ignition control
Preheating for Jacket water
Grid monitoring device for frequency,voltage and micro interruptions
Automatic lube oil replenishing systems
Gas train (supplied loose)
Service flexible connections at Jenbacher interface  
Operating and maintenance manuals,spare parts manuals
Battery charger and 24 v. battery
Standard tools for maintenance level 1

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Jenbacher JMS 612 Natural Gas Generator
Jenbacher JMS 612 Natural Gas Generator
Jenbacher JMS 612 Natural Gas Generator