EUROTURBINE ET550/41 (ET600) = Manufacturer "Windtechnik GmbH" Germany

1. Operating Conditions

Nominal power: 550 kW
Cut-in wind speed: 3,0 m/s
Wind speed at nominal power: 14,5 m/s
Cut-out wind speed: 20 m/s
Survival wind speed: 55,3 m/s
Rotational speed: 18 rpm = 1004 U/min, 28 rpm = 1507 U/min
Hub height: 42 m or 54 m
Power limiting: Aerodynamic stall
Limiting of rotational speed: 2 disc brakes, centrifugal force controlled tip brake

2. Machine parts
Control System

Manufacturer : Dan Control (Vestas)


Manufacturer: Aerpac APX 40/500 and LM 19.1
Diameter: 41,5 m
Rotor area: 1353 qm
Rotorblade length: 19,25 m


Type: Steel tube
Diameter: 3.2 m ; conical
Height: 40 m
Mass: 28.000 kg
Base diameter: 3.2 m
Material: Steel, saltwater-proof painted


Manufacturer: Dorstener or Köllmann
Type: 3 - stage Planetary- / spur gear
Operation factor: 1,7 (rule GL)
Ratio: 1 : 54,5
Maximal output: 720 kW
Input speed: 18 U/min / 28 U/min
Output speed: 1004 U/min / 1507 U/min
Lubrication: Splash lubrication with external cooler
Efficiency: max. 96,5 %
Mass: 9.000 kg


Manufacturer: Svendborg / Sime


Manufacturer: Elin
Type: 4 / 6 pole induction generator, watercooled
Maximum continuous ration: 180 kW / 720 kW
Nominal power: 150 kW / 600 kW
Rotational speed: 1004 U/min / 1506 U/min
Efficiency: max. 97,5 %
Frequency: 50 Hz
Voltage: 3 * 690 V
Weight: ca. 2.800 kg

Wind-directional yaw system

Manufacturer: Bon Figlioli, Eugen Schmidt
Electrical rotational drive: 2
Rotational speed (Yaw rate): 0,4 œ/sec
Power consumption (Power input): 2 x 0,75 kW
Rotational gear ratio (Yaw gear ratio): 2700 : 1
Retaining/braking mechanism: 2 brake blocks, brakes in electrical rotational drive
Azimut bearing
Manufacturer: Hoesch Rothe Erde

No. of Turbines: 25 pcs.

Year built: 1996-2005 (never in Operation)
Condition: New (never in Operation)
Terms of delivery: EX WORKS
Price: EUR ( 350.000,- EUR per turbine ) .

Scope of Supply:

25x ET 550 Machinehouses,
25 sets of Rotoblades,
25 x towers with a hub height of 40 m,
25 x foundation rings,
25 x control systems,
complete documentation, spare parts.

Warranty period of 1 year.
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Euroturbine ET550 Wind Turbines

Euroturbine ET550 Wind Turbines - 550 KW

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