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                                                                            BUYING TIPS

There are numerous benefits from purchasing used or surplus generation equipment.  Some of the most common reasons are
price and delivery.  Surplus equipment can be purchased for far less than new equipment and deliveries are usually

Buying surplus equipment is a lot like buying a house.  You can buy a relatively new house in move in condition and you can
also purchase a fixer upper if you are a handy.  It is the same with generation equipment.  Surplus generation equipment will
fall into the following categories:

  •   New, Unused
  •   Low Houred Units (Ready to Run)
  •   Overhauled or zero houred units
  •   High houred Units
  •   Damaged or Older Units

And just like houses, new and low houred equipment will be more expensive than high houred or older units.  Depending on
the type of unit you will need, you will need to know the frequency, voltage requirements, or the manufacturer if you need a
specific unit.  If you are buying a diesel generator, natural gas generator or small gas turbine you may need an enclosure or
open unit.  Keep in mind, many times an enclosure can easily be added to an open unit.  

Diesel Generators and Natural Gas Generators

Diesel Generators and Natural Gas Generators can usually be readily available in a variety of conditions:  new, unused, low
houred, and high houred.  Many of these units can be purchased with 6 month warranties at a very good price and in ready to
go condition.  It is usually a good idea to go with a trusted manufacturer.  For example on diesel units it may be Caterpillar,
Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Kohler, Wartsila, or Deutz and a few others.  For natural gas generators Caterpillar, Cummins,
Jenbacher, Deutz, Waukesha, and Cooper are all excellent manufacturers.

These units are available as open units, enclosed, and trailer mounted enclosures.

Open Diesel Generator             Enclosed Diesel Generator       Trailer Mounted Enclosed                        
                                                                                                                    Natural Gas Generator

Steam Generators

Most surplus steam generators will be older units from the 60’s and 70’s.  There are not a lot of new or unused steam turbines
in the surplus market.  Do not let this deter you.  Most of the coal fired plants running today are using steam turbines built in
the 50’s and 60’s.  These turbines have been well maintained and have gone through numerous overhauls.  Once a unit has
been thoroughly overhauled it is like new and will run for many years.  Some the reputable manufacturers are GE,
Westinghouse, Siemens, ABB, Allis Chalmers, Elliot, and Worthington.

Many of these surplus units can be purchased for an excellent price and with a control system upgrade (both electrical and
hydraulically) they will be like new and operate extremely well.  Surplus Generation equipment has experience in retrofitting
these units and can make recommendation on the requirements, and provide a complete retrofit if you require this.  Please
refer to the picture below, this is a small hydraulic skid with a hydraulic power unit for a new electro hydraulic system and
controls.  While this unit is an older GE unit, the new controls provided speed control within 1 RPM, and load control within .25

Gas Turbines

Gas turbines can be found in new, low houred, or overhauled condition.  Overhauled or zero houred units can usually be
provided with a 1 year warranty, again these units are like new once they are overhauled.  As with steam turbines, new digital
PLC controls can be upgraded to the units if you desire.  

Solar Saturn Gas Turbine
When looking for a gas turbine keep in mind that they can run on diesel, natural gas, or dual fuel options.  If you are
interested in a used that gas turbine that runs on diesel and you need a natural gas fired unit, do not be deterred, a
conversion to a gas or dual fueled fired unit is fairly simple.  It requires a fuel skid for the fuel system (whether it is gas or oil),
modifying the nozzles, and a control system modification to handle dual fuels.  Surplus Generation Equipment can easily take
care of this modification if required.

For small gas turbines 0-10 MW, Solar, Rolls Royce, Allison, and GE are excellent manufacturers along with some others.  For
larger units 20-100 MW and over, GE and Siemens/Westinghouse are excellent manufacturers.

Frequency Modifications

Many times a customer will desire a 50 hz unit when only a 60 hz unit is available.  Frequency changes are frequently done
depending on the unit.  Diesel generators can usually be easily converted from 60 hz to 50 hz.  Gas turbines can sometimes
be converted fairly easily as there is usually already a reduction gearbox in place that couples the turbine to the generator on
60 hz units.  Feel free to contact us if you are interested in a 60 hz unit that requires a conversion to 50 hz.

Guarantees and Limited Warranties

Since you are purchasing pre-owned equipment when you buy a used generator, you most likely will not be able to get much
in the way of a long-term warranty.  However, depending on the unit you can many times get a guarantee or limited warranty
for a period of one to three months after your purchase.  Most sellers who are true professionals that properly test and
maintain the equipment will provide a 30-90 day guarantee.   In addition, overhauled or zero houred equipment can be
provided with a 1 year warranty.