The equipment includes:

Two (2) skidded units each with one (1) Atlas-Copco model TP 10/10, two stage
centrifugal Natural Gas Compressor, driven by a Toshiba 3500 HP electric motor.
The package also includes a Basco cooler, one (1) Allen Bradley SLC5/05 PLC
processor with ethernet communication port and standard UCI pressure vessels

Compressor Drive:

Toshiba electric motor, 3600 RPM, 4160 V/ 3 Ph/ 60 Hz, Class F insulation, 2
bearing RTD’s , 120 V space heater, forced lube slave bearing


MEMCO shell & tube cross-flow heat exchanger, 16"O.D. carbon steel with 5/8”
O.D. tubes, ASME code stamped. Water section (shell); 10" - 150# RF conn. 150
psig MAWP @ -20/200 deg F. Gas section (tube); 16" - 300# RF conn. 570 psig
MAWP @ -20/350 deg F.

Compressor Frame:

Atlas Copco centrifugal gas compressor, two (2) stage, with expedited delivery
and torsional analysis. 10" 300# RF inlets, 6" 300# RF outlets, 150 psig suction,
400 psig discharge @ 84,000 Lb/hr. output. (with vibration elements on each high
speed pinion.
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Atlas Copco Gas Compressor System

Atlas Copco Gas Compressor