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Evapco Cooling Tower
540 Ton
540 Ton, Evapco #ATW-207-B,closed loop cooling sys,stainless bottom,30hp
BAC 3552 Cooling Tower
552 Ton
552 Ton, Bac #3552, stainless steel basins, new surplus, 2004 (4)  
Marley NC7231 Cooling Tower
619 Ton
619 Ton, Marley #NC7231 Cooling Tower, excellent condition, 2000 (3)
BAC VT1 Cooling Tower
750 Ton
750 Ton, Bac #VT1 750 PR, excellent condition, 2000 (2)
Marley NC8041 Cooling Tower
840 Ton
840 Ton, Marley #NC8041, all stainless steel,excellent condition,1999 (3)
Marley NC9141 Cooling Tower
887 Ton
887 Ton, Marley #NC9141, cooling tower, galvanized steel, excellent, 1997 (3)
Marley NC9151 Cooling Tower
941 Ton
941 Ton, Marley #NC9151, stainless steel,hot & cold water
Marley Cooling Tower
1000 Ton
1000 Ton, Marley, like new, 2001
Marley NC8312 Cooling Tower
1002 Ton
1002 Ton, Marley #NC8312K, stainless steel hot & cold water
basins,exc.,2002 (2)
BAC 331355 Cooling Tower
1002 Ton
1055 Ton, BAC #331355, all stainless, mfg. in 2001 (2)
BAC 331328 Cooling Tower
1328 Ton
1328 Ton, BAC Cooling Towers #331328A, excellent condition, 2000 (2)
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Cooling Towers - Marley and BAC

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