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Gensets: What they are and what they can do for you

Brush Generator End - 59 KWGenset is short for "generator sets". Gensets are also referred to as "engine generators", and some refer to them simply as generators.

Gensets are the combination of a fossil fuel engine attached to an electrical generator. These generators follow the same principles of large scale electrical generators like power plants. The difference between large scale electrical generators and gensets are that large scale generators generally use steam or hydro energy to turn a turbine where the genset uses the mechanical energy generated by the burning of diesel or natural gas to generate power.

The inner workings of gensets consist of a fuel tank, a mechanical engine, a speed regulator, the electrical generator, and a voltage regulator. Gensets may or may not come with a sound dampening enclosure. Since gensets are usually used as a form of emergency back-up power, they also generally include some mechanism to start it up when power is needed. This mechanism also powers down the genset once grid power is restored.

Common Uses of Gensets

X-Ray HeadGensets are necessary in buildings which need power constantly, such as hospitals, airports. Other buildings have been adding backup generators as a precaution as well. This includes office buildings, government buildings, and even department stores. Private residences in areas that experience frequent blackouts have begun buying backup generators as well. In the same vein, tourist resorts in areas with less-than-reliable power grids also have begun to use backup generators. This enables areas which may be too rustic for many people to add more creature comforts.

Different Varieties of Gensets

Though natural gas gensets are available, diesel gensets are generally the most popular kind. Diesel gensets have a number of benefits, which generally involve diesel's high efficiency. Diesel engines run at a lower temperature than other motors, which means that they are not subject to the wear and tear caused by operating at a high temperature. This also leads diesel engines to require less maintenance.

Natural gas gensets have been gaining popularity though. This is due to their "greener" nature. Since there is a lot of effort being put towards developing green energy there is a lot of work being done making natural gas gensets more efficient. It is reasonable to expect that, in the future, natural gas gensets will become more popular than diesel gensets.

Surplus Generation Equipment is your source for Diesel and Natural Gas Gensets

Here at Surplus Generation Equipment we have plenty of options for diesel gensets and natural gas gensets. We have gensets from popular manufacturers like Caterpiller, Cooper, Cummins, Deutz, EMD, Jenbacher, Kohler, Mitsubishi, Simpower, and Wartsila. We're always updating our inventory, so check back often!

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