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Deutz Natural Gas Generator - ENI 1000

Deutz 1000 KW Natural Gas Generator

5 New Deutz 1000 KW Units - Containerized with trailer

ENI 1000 Lean Burn Scope of Supply, Termination Points, and Exclusions

The energy|now ENI 1000 is a fully packaged, continuous duty; lean-burn fired internal combustion engine and synchronous
generator package. The two basic configurations include electric only, and combined heat and power using jacket water. The
unit may be configured with an optional exhaust gas heat recovery system, which requires external placement of the exhaust
gas heat exchanger.  
The ENI 1000 utilizes the Deutz TBG 620 V-12 engine as the prime mover, and Stamford Newage HCI 734F synchronous
generator to produce 1012 kW gross, 984 kW net. The engine and generator are installed in an ISO rated “Hi-Cube” 40’
container clad with corrugated sheet metal housing. This enclosure also houses the engine oil reservoir, exhaust gas heat
recovery system (optional), plate and frame heat exchanger, radiator, and package control panel. The entire package is trailer
mounted to facilitate relocation of the generating package. The total length of the package with the trailer is 51’-7”.
Ambient air for combustion and cooling is admitted into the package through acoustically-treated louvers.  Connection to the
electrical load (or utility) is behind a lockable door at one end of the package.  Natural gas and hot water connections are
located in the middle of the enclosure.  
The package management system is accessible via an access door at one end of the enclosure.  Remote control of the unit is
accomplished via interface with the ASCO Power Manager located in the utility interface panel.
Scope of Supply
Standard ENI 1000 Containerized CHP Module Scope of Supply
Following are the main items of supply included in our scope:
  •        Model Number ENI-01000-A-JNLOS, 984 kW net electric output, and 2.43 MMBTU/hr thermal recovery (from jacket
water only)
  . Synchronous Continuous Duty Generation Package
  .        Heat Recovery Unit (HRU) (optional) to recover heat from the engine exhaust gas
− Additional 1.86 MMBTU/hr
− HRU placed external to the enclosure

  40’ long enclosure provides weatherproofing and noise abatement
  Trailer-mounted enclosure to facilitate relocation

Natural Gas Fueled Internal Combustion Engine
  12 cylinder V-configuration, Deutz TBG 620, 53.1 L displacement engine
  Rated 1408 bhp @ 1800 rpm for continuous duty operation
  Spark-ignited natural gas fuel system with draw through turbo charged carburetion
  Fuel shut off solenoid
  Deutz TEM Evolution engine management system
  Coolant pumps external to engine
  Electronic detonation detection system
  24Vdc starter
  24Vdc battery charger
  Starting batteries, rack and cables
  Black start capable (unless prolonged outage)
  Electronic speed control governor (± 0.5% steady state frequency regulation)
  Fuel pressure regulator

Synchronous Generator
  High efficiency, 12 lead, reconnectable synchronous generator operating at 1800 rpm
  PMG brushless excitation
  277/480v 60 Hz, 3 phase output standard
  Steady state voltage regulation of ± .5%
  NEMA 105°C temperature rise for continuous duty operation
  Maximum 3% unbalanced load capability
  Short circuit withstand of 3 per unit for 10 seconds

  Weather proof 40’ long ISO enclosure, trailer-mounted
  Full containment construction for onboard lubricating oil
  Full access to all components for serviceability
  Acoustic insulation to limit noise contribution to 75dB(A) @ 7 meters
  Hospital grade engine exhaust silencer
  Flush, side mounted, sound attenuated air intake louvers
  Roof mounted exhaust discharge
  Cabinet vent fan for forced air ventilation
  Make up lubrication oil tank (96 gallons)
  Fully lockable

  NOx 1.20 g/bhp-hr.
  CO 2.30 g/bhp-hr.
  NMHC 0.40 g/bhp-hr.
  THC 5.00 g/bhp-hr.

Cooling Systems
  Jacket water inlet temperature of 172º F; outlet temperature of 199º F, under thermostatic control
  Auxiliary water inlet temperature of 103º F; outlet temperature of 107º F  
  Dual core radiator rejects unused energy from jacket water and auxiliary water circuits. Multiple fans are staged on to control
proper return temperatures for both circuits

Exhaust System
The exhaust system includes dual water-cooled exhaust manifolds feeding a single vertical exhaust outlet and a flexible
stainless steel thermal expansion bellows.
System Controls
Engine / Generator Controls
Engine mounted instrument panel includes:
  Water temperature gauge
  Oil pressure gauge
  Intake manifold temperature gauge
  Intake manifold pressure gauge
  •        Emergency stop pushbutton
  Generator controls in a freestanding cubicle include:
  GE 9030 PLC for package control and sequencing
  Display of generator operating parameters and diagnostics
  Utility synchronizing controls
  Stored energy type generator circuit breaker for generator protection

Modes of Operation
Grid Parallel Mode of Operation
Unit shall act as a regulated current source and supply power to the site loads while connected to the utility grid. The unit is
also capable of exporting power back to the utility grid as required/allowed by the local utility (with the addition of appropriate
interconnection equipment).
The following protective relaying devices are operational while in Grid Parallel mode:
  Over/under voltage
  Over/under frequency
  Reverse power

Grid Isolated Mode of Operation
Unit will act as a regulated, constant voltage source and supply power to site loads while isolated from the utility grid, if total site
load does not exceed the maximum output of the ENI unit(s). The unit will be capable of starting upon loss of power from the

Power Generation Controls
The generator set will be equipped with controls for local and remote operation as described below for the various modes of
operation. All modes of operation and controls are designed for use with the optional System Operation Center (SOC) services.
Local I/O Bus Human Machine Interface
Provides necessary interface for local system operator including the following:
Operational Information
  Voltage – L-L and L-N
  Amperage – Per phase current
  Kilowatt output per phase
  Total operating hours

Alarm Indications
  Low oil pressure alarm and shutdown
  High water temperature alarm and shutdown
  Engine overspeed and shutdown
  Knock detection, mitigation and shutdown

Remote I/O Bus
Provides the capability to communicate with a remote operator for all system control, data logging, and diagnostic features.
Interface to a site controller for system control and monitoring
Site Controller I/O Bus
Provides interface with a site controller to provide necessary system control and monitoring specific to the ENI 1000, including
the following signals:
  Utility and site circuit breaker status
  Utility enabled
  Site enabled
  Site alarm interface
  Real time data acquisition from engine and generator

  Run test of the complete engine generator set at the manufacturing facility
  Full functional testing of the installed ENI 1000 generator set package at the customer’s location during commissioning

Installation Support
  Consulting during installation and commissioning
  One (1) complete set of operations and maintenance manuals
  Turnkey services are also available in certain states