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6 - New Units
Canceled Project
Cooper Superior
Model 2406
Natural Gas Powered Generators
900 kW each 60 Hertz
Total 5.4 MW
883 kW Mitsubishi Diesel Prime Power
Emergency Back-Up Generator
Gas Compressor

This generating plant includes a 5.4 MW islanded generating system powered by six natural gas-fueled, lean-burn, spark-ignited, Cooper
Superior Model 2406  reciprocating engines operating at 1200 RPM.  The plant is fully black start capable, and island or grid-parallel
operating modes are possible.  Modular construction is used throughout, with six modules each containing one natural gas engine, its
radiator and associated auxiliaries, and a seventh module containing a 1.0 MW diesel emergency generator and the plant switchgear and
oil and compressed air utilities.  The modules can be removed and transported as individual units.  Only natural gas, oil, and compressed
air piping, and power and control wiring tie one module to another.  A single ply membrane has been applied on top of the modules to
provide a continuous leak-proof roof over the engine sections of the generator modules.

Electrical Connections - Buss duct is used for all gas generator output powerconnections to the main switch, cable
tray for all connecting control wiring.  The diesel generator is connected via conventional wire and wireway. Jacket Water and Auxiliary
(Oil and Turbocharger Intercooler) Cooling Jacket water and auxiliary radiators are roof mounted (horizontally) above an air plenum room
below, which is pressurized by four 5 HP electric motor-driven cast propeller fan assemblies.  The fans for each module are individually
controlled based on return jacket water temperature by the house controller, to minimize parasitic fan energy losses.  The auxiliary
radiator and jacket water are in series in the airflow, with air passing from the plenum room through the auxiliary radiator first, then
through the jacket water radiator above.

Block Heating - Each group of three gas engines is thermally coupled by a three pass welded plate heat exchanger that allows a single
running engine to maintain 160 degF jacket water temperatures in its two companion gensets.  The three engines’ jacket water systems
are completed isolated from one another by the plate heat exchanger.  The diesel engine has a conventional thermostatically controlled
electric block heater.

Utilities - Makeup oil is supplied from a central location via hard piping and permanent pump to each engine’s makeup oil tank and also
directly to the oil sump fill point, ahead of the oil level regulator.  Spent oil from each engines’ sump and oil cooler is evacuated via
permanent pump and hard piping to an outdoor waste oil tank capable of storing one complete set of oil changes for all six gas engines.  
Using this system, oil replenishment and changes can be accomplished quickly and without risk of spill or wasted oil. Compressed air is
supplied via a 10 HP Ingersoll Rand industrial air compressor with a vertical tank.  Compressed air is available for operating pneumatic
engine controls and pneumatic service tools.  Engine pneumatics can also be operated using the high pressure natural gas fuel supply,
although this mode of operation requires that fuel gas supply pressures be maintained above 50 psig in order to achieve full generating
system output.

Sound Attenuation - The generation modules are fully noise attenuated with engineered acoustical materials.  Exhaust noise is muffled
with critical grade silencers. The system currently emits sound resulting in noise levels below 65 dBA at the property line approximately
100 ‘ away.  This noise drops to almost 55 dBA when the radiator fans are not operating.  Use of a variable speed drive to slow the fans
rotational speed could be expected to lower overall sound levels to below 58 dBA at all times, under all load conditions.

Cogeneration Equipment - Each gas generator is equipped with a welded plate jacket water heat exchanger sized for complete recovery
of jacket water heat.  The secondary side of these heat exchangers is not currently connected to any of the plant thermal load.
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